T R E A S U R E - H U N T

**Each treasure hunt team should have 4 members.

• Requirements for the events will be provided by the information desk.
• Each team should announce a leader at the time of registration.
• Each registered team will get a unique identification number on program triggering. Each team leader should pin identity card provided, while the team is on action.
• From round 3 onwards each team will be allotted a particular color. And all the clues for the team will be represented by that color.
• No team members should posses any kind of hard/soft currency, internet, electronic gadgets unless instructed to do so.
• The clue has to be found in a particular order. The team cannot skip a clue. Skipping a clue leads to disqualification of the team.
• If you found other team’s clue by chance never tamper it. Tampering other team’s clue may lead to disqualification.
• Do not search for clues in off-limit areas.
• An entire team must stay together. Do not split up to find different clues.
• If a team splits, it will be penalized by one point and after 3 penalty points, team will be disqualified.
• Trace your team's color which will lead you to next clue.
• Each correctly solved clue carries 10 points.
• All the means used by the teams should be fair, in case of any violation of the rules or any use of unfair means, teams will be disqualified from the contest.
• All the clues of the teams are different and located at different places but the final destination i.e , the treasure is same. The team which finds the treasure first wins.

Faculty Coordinator
Mr. Pramod Martha - 9439693855

Student Coordinator
Sarala Rani Panda - 9438448244