Line Follower Rules


  • Robotics events are incomplete without a line follower competition. A simple black line on a white background and your robot must follow it. Easy, right? Here’s the catch. The track is filled with bends and curves. Nothing comes easy, right? The task is to build an autonomous robot which is capable of traversing a black line on a white background. The track has bends, curves, T-joints and breaks.


  1. A team may consist of a maximum of 4 members. Students from different department can form a team.
  2. Teams are not allowed to replace parts between runs. They are, however,allowed to replace defective sensors, but with a penalty added to it
  3. Change of batteries and modifications to the code are allowed but the game play has to be restarted.
  4. If the robot is manually touched except at the start, then it will be considered as a violation and will lead to penalty.


  1. The line to be traced (black line) is of 20mm in width
  2. If the bot diverts from the black line then each time the bot is kept on track it will cost a penalty.
  3. The bots will be cost a penalty if it does not start tracing the line within 10 seconds after deviating from the path
  4. Judge's decision will be final and any further arguments with the judges will be penalized
  5. Teams will be sorted according to their performance.
  6. Winners will be selected by the judges and will be awarded.


  1. The maximum dimensions of the base of the bot should be 25cm x 25cm x 25cm
  2. Robots must not use ready-made mechanisms, Lego kits, etc. However, ready-made sensors and microcontroller kits can be used.

Task Master Rules

  1. Team will consist of 4 member max and student from different department can form a team.
  2. The size of the arena will be of 6x6 feet.
  3. All teams have to complete the task within specified time limit
  4. The arena will be divided into different level, for completion of each level 40 points will be given
  5. If the participant will touch their bot for restarting the level then 5 points will be deducted.
  6. If the bot will touch the wall/ boundary/ obstacle of arena then 2 points will be deducted.
  7. If the team wants to skip the level then 10 points will be deduce for each skip.
  8. The team who will finish the arena within shortest period of time and with highest points will be the winner.

Faculty Coordinator
Mr. Sukanta Tulo - 9438764654

Student Coordinator
Roshan Kr Routh - 7077158158
Siddhanth Sethi - 7077980156