1st Round

1. This will be a written round.
2. The question paper will consist of 30 questions out of which 25 questions will carry same weightage but 5 questions will be tiebreaker questions carrying more weightage.
3. Time Duration - 30 minutes.

2nd Round

1. Depending on the no. of participants the teams for the 2nd round will be chosen.
2. It will be a Q/A (Oral) round.
3. The questions for this round will mainly cover Current Affairs & General Awareness.
4. As per the performance & no. of participants, teams will be formed for the 3rd round.

3rd Round

1. This round will be a visual round.
2. The questions will be from all the sections of GK.

4th Round

1. This round will be a buzzer round.
2. The one pressing the buzzer 1st will be answering the question 1st.
3. There will only be 5 teams in this round.

**Each team will consist of 2 members irrespective of branch & year.

Faculty Coordinatiors
Mr. A.Amiya Gupta - 8984232545

Student Coordinator
Prateek Ray - 7064103027