N A I L - P A I N T I N G

Use of Colour :

• The colours chosen should complement the design
• The colours should represent the design and theme appropriately
• The colours should flow throughout or graduate through all 10 nails.
• The colours should complement and contrast at the same time.

Continuity of Theme :

• The theme should be identifiable.
• There must be a continuance of the theme from nail to nail.

**The participants will paint in their own nail, or else they can choose their own partners.

-> The duration of the event time must be 30 munities only.
-> The candidates must bring your nail paint maximum 5 only .
-> The event will held in electronics department.
-> The set of the nails can be made with any type of artificial enhancements with the exception of cover tips.
-> All types of nail art are allowed to create the design, but all embellishments must come from the nail industry. Jewellery or other accessories are not allowed.
-> Pre-assembly of art is NOT allowed.
-> All work must be created during the competition time.
-> The theme of the artwork must represent the theme set by the Nailympics hosting the competition. The theme is different every year.
-> The artwork must be identifiable by judges as being part of the theme
-> There is no consideration in scoring for the shape/style of the nail.
-> The nail may have any shape desired by the competitor
-> The overall appearance of the nail being worked on will be scored, but there is no consideration in scoring for usual shapes.
-> The product used to create the nail that will be worked on may have colour and/or glitter in the application if desired, but there will not be any consideration in scoring.
-> No nail art or embellishments of any kind are allowed in the nail application other than colour/glitter. There will be no points given for any work done prior.
-> The surface of the nail must be free of any and all products prior to the competition & will be checked by the floor judges.
-> Scores are based on degree of difficulty, creativity, originality, quality of work & ability to represent the theme.

Faculty Coordinator
Mrs. Subhashree S Biswal - 9090500203
Ms. Priyambada Parida - 8093833738

Student Coordinator
Kalpana Panigrahi - 7205207773