Just-A-Minute is an all-round fun event that is all about the effort and hard work you put to perform well. Can you make through sixty seconds of non-stop performance or will the sheer pressure make you crumble and have your competitors pounce on you in an instant?

The Rules:

Round-1(Elimination) :-

  1. There will be no spot registration.
  2. This round is a written round where 10 questions will be given to the registered students and for each there will be one minute to answer.
  3. Questions can be from Apti, GK, audio visual etc.

Round-2(Task) :-

  1. Qualified participants will be given a task which is to be completed in a minute.(Ex-Speech etc)
  2. The best performers will be selected for the next round.

n)Round-3(Gaming) :-

  1. Different entertaining games will be there in this round.
  2. For each game there will be one minute.

Top three will be selected as winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd)

The top performers will be selected for the second and third round. The number of participants selected for next rounds will be decided by the coordinators. Any changes in the rules can be informed on the spot according to the suitable situation.

No questions or arguments once the final decision has been made by the JAM master.

Faculty Coordinator
Mr. Tusara Kanta Panda - 9040693050

Student Coordinator
Abhishek Kumar - 8908692423