This is an event where only four members can take part in a group. Participants needs to take a group photo and on the basis of the photo, your vision, creativity and ingenuity skills the winner will be awarded on the basis of decision taken by the panel of judges.


  1. Only 4 Members In A Group Are Allowed To Participate In This Event.
  2. One Participant Can Take A Photo With Only One Group. If He/She Is Found In Two Groups Then Both The Groups Will Be Disqualified.
  3. Only The Phone’s Front Camera Will Be Used.
  4. No Dslr, Slr Or Any App Should Be Used For The Photos.
  5. No Editing Should Be Done In The Photo.
  6. The Group Photo That Is Taken Within The Campus Will Only Be Considerd.
  7. The Photo Should Convey Some Social Message This Is To Check The Innovative And Imaginative Skills Of The Participants. (Eg- Some Sign Or Some Background Or Any Symbol, Etc.)
  8. The Photos Which Strictly Satisfies The Above Rules And Regulation Under The Decision Taken By The Panel Of Judges Will Be Awarded As The Winner.
  9. The Participants Have To Send The Photo In The Mail Id Knt.Groupie510@Gmail.Com
  10. Any Query Regarding The Event Contact The Undersigned Coordinators.

Student Coordinator
HIMANSHU BISWAS - 8420863414
PILLA PRUDHVI - 8456085933