C I R C U I T - D E S I G N

ROUND-1  (Written Round) F.M-75 Marks

 There Will be 35 question (Part-1 and Part-2) in Round-1.
 (Part-1) There will be 30 Question of two marks. (30*2=60).
 (Part-2) There will be 5 Questions of Three Marks.(5*3=15)


• In part-1 there will be 0.5 marks deducted for each wrong attempt.
• In Part-2 there will be 1 marks deducted for each wrong attempt.

ROUND-2(Circuit Design Round) Time duration-1:30 hour

 One circuit will be given and all the participants have to complete it within 1 and half hours of timing.

**Each team will consist of 2 members irrespective of branch & year.

Faculty Coordinator
Mrs. Padmini Mishra - 9438470967

Student Coordinator
Manisha Pattanayak - 7683923397
Eswar Panda - 8984880143